Computer Science + Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Students in the CS+CPSC major are encouraged to use this website to showcase their accomplishments and network with potential employers.

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How to set up your student portfolio on GitHub

Note that you are responsible for any information or data that you share on this website or your own GitHub account. You are not required to participate in this website at all, although if you do it will hopefully help you to find internship and employment opportunities.

See the glossary of Git terms for a quick reference if you are new to Git.

Dataquest has a very useful blog post explaining how to set up a portfolio on GitHub, including an introduction to how to use Git.

If you are working on a project that you might want to include in your portfolio, it is advisable to create a repository for it in your GitHub account from the beginning, so that a potential employer can look through your commit history and see your process for creating code. You can always make a repository private and then decide later whether you want to make it public.

You are encouraged to add a short biography/resume to the Current Students page. You can clone to your hard drive and make edits from there, or edit through the web browser at You can upload a profile picture to the “portraits” folder of the website repository. The profile template can be used to give you an idea of what to add to the Current Students page. Contact Lindsay Clark to get added to the organization so that you have push access.

In your profile on the Current Students page, the following items are recommended:

Keep it fairly brief, with a link to a longer resume if you wish.